How Solace works with Spring Initializr at

So, you used Spring Initializr to generate your Spring Boot project AND you read Nice!

If you came across this page some other way be sure to check out how you can use Spring Initializr to generate your Solace + Spring projects.

There are a few different scenarios that could play out when generating a project with Solace PubSub+ as a dependency using Spring Initializr.

Scenario 1: Your dependencies include Solace PubSub+, but do not require a binder.

In this scenario Spring Initializr added the solace-spring-boot-starter to your project. This starter allows you to use Spring Boot with either the Solace JMS API or the Solace Java API (JCSMP).

I want to use the Solace JMS API;

Solace JMS API Starter in Github
Get Started with a Tutorial
Sample Application
Sample Application w/ JNDI

I want to use the Solace Java API (JCSMP);

Starter in Github
Sample Application

Scenario 2: Your dependencies include Solace PubSub+ AND Cloud Stream, which states that it requires a binder.

Let us explain some of the magic that you just witnessed occur. In this scenario the Spring Initializr at is smart enough to parse the dependencies, see that you have selected both Solace PubSub+ and Cloud Stream, and realize you're trying to create a Spring Cloud Stream microservice. Because of this it includes the Solace Spring Cloud Stream Binder Starter in your project.

I want to create a Spring Cloud Stream Microservice;

Binder Github Repo
Get Started with a Tutorial
Creating a Simple Solace Binding
Binder Configuration Options

Scenario 3: You didn’t include Solace PubSub+ as a dependency.

Well this is the disappointing option. Check out the Solace Developer Portal to learn more about PubSub+ and you might just change your mind.

Learn more about how to use Solace with Spring.

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